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SportsRehab – Your own way to move presents itself as an innovative reality in the approach to physiotherapy treatment: in fact, it stems from the idea of rehabilitation and sports practice, both amateur and competitive, as an integral part of our daily life. Therefore, exercise becomes a useful tool that we can integrate whenever we can during our work activity, home life and leisure.

Focused on individual needs

SportsRehab - Your own way to move is 100% focused on individual needs: the therapist structures a plan in full collaboration with the patient. Such plan will be strictly based on the wishes, available spaces and time requirements of the person who’s requesting the service.

We teach to learn

You are a fundamental player in your improvement process. You are the active part that consciously develops the necessary mechanisms to improve your potential and physical performance.


Relax. This is the key word. It doesn't matter if you are at home in your pajamas or in the office on your coffee break, you will always have the opportunity to put into practice at the time you see fit what has been outlined in your personalized program.

Time is precious

For us and for you. Our daily lives are increasingly punctuated by very small intervals of time in which to focus maximum concentration. That is why we value even the few minutes you have available throughout the day, through specially designed plans that can also be consulted offline. This way, you won’t have to make unnecessary trips to a physical therapy office.

We are eco-friendly

We will never ask you to drive your car or take public transportation to get to a practice as quickly as possible. You won’t have to wait a long time, stuck in traffic jams or travelling for miles. You can do everything quietly from your home or office, and in these times, the environment will only be thankful for it.

Stay up to date on our routes

SportsRehab is dynamic and ever-changing, just like sport! Leave your email, we will update you if there is any news. No Spam, I promise!


Dott.ssa Sofia Dallorto
Physiotherapeutin – Sportswissenschaftlerin

Sofia Dallorto
Dr. Walter – Hochsteinerstrasse 13
9504 Villach – Warmbad
Telefon: +39 327 9127202

Unternehmensgegenstand: freiberufliche Physiotherapeutin
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Dott.ssa Sofia Dallorto
Physiotherapist – Sport Scientist

Sofia Dallorto

Dr. Walter – Hochsteinerstrasse 13
9504 Villach – Warmbad
Tel: +39 327 9127202
Corporate purpose: Self-employed physiotherapist
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